When God puts a dream in our heart, He sets us on a path of preparation.


Access Worship International is a ministry passionately committed to cultivating a vibrant worship community in partnership with the local church. We focus on empowering worshipers with spiritual and technical tools to grow, to flow and to lead in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Our vision is to equip worship leaders, musicians and singers through worship gatherings, spiritual and technical training, coaching and consulting, online resources and internships. Our impact begins in our city and extends into many nations.

Access Worship International will be the umbrella for the future Access School of Worship, which will consist of

  • Online worship courses (in multiple languages)
  • Worship Intensives (weekend events with guest speakers and worship leaders)
  • 2-week Worship Schools, packed with special guests, teaching and activation, and ministry…all in a creative and refreshing environment

    More than 15 years ago, the Lord began to speak to Kelanie about her call to start a school of worship. That call, confirmed through many prophetic words, became the dream that motivated her to prepare and cultivate her teaching gift.

    When God puts a dream in our heart, He sets us on a path of preparation. In the waiting, He is working. For years now, Kelanie has had countless opportunities not only to lead worship, but also to teach worshipers about prophetic worship, songwriting, worship team dynamics, vocals, and many other topics.

    And now, it's finally time! We are so excited to launch Access Worship International and see where the Lord takes us as we partner with Him!